Posted by: RAPV | April 1, 2012

‘Re-Tree the Commmunity’ project grows hope, gets raves

Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley (RAPV) President Elect Brain Sears (L) and Stephen Roberts of Stephen Roberts Landscaping, show off the sign which is placed in the yard of every homeowner receiving a free tree.

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generousity,” are the sentiments expressed by a Springfield homeowner on receiving a free tree. 

RAPV, in partnership with Stephen A. Roberts Landscaping of Springfield have planted dozens of trees in the past 10 days.  RAPV is commited to planted approximately 150 trees across the tornado ravaged area this spring.  The project has been a huge success.  The media coverage has been outstanding with a March 30 article in The Republican and coverage on TV stations Channels 40 and 22.
Group Donates Trees to Tornado Victims

The project is made possible through donations from the National Association of Realtors, the Mass. Association of Realtors, RAPV, many local Boards of Realtors across the state, and individual RAPV members.  

“I am very proud to live in Springfield.  We have a wonderful neighborhood and it looks better every day, except for the absence of our beautiful trees, but through the generousity of people like you, it will be green again,” said a Kipling Street Street homeowner in Springfield.


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