Posted by: RAPV | March 4, 2012

Jan SF sales climb 3.7% across the state

Statewide SF Sales and Median Price – Sales across the state rose 3.7 percent, from 2,299 SF homes sold in January 2011 to 2,385 in January 2012.  The statewide median price dropped 5 percent to $265,000 from $279,000 in January 2011.  

What does it mean for us?  It’s great news.  Historically, the Pioneer Valley has followed by a few months market trends in other parts of the state.  For once, perhaps the headlines are getting it right: “Supply-side correction continues,” “Home buyer demand strengthening,” “Market heads toward balance,”  There is a very real sense that the landscape is shifting.  With the state sales on the rise and our January listings-under-agreement up 28.4 percent we may be in for a turn around.  We don’t want to overstate the case, as the spring market will be the real test.

To read the compete statewide report click on January 2012 housing release.



  1. Excellent stats…and just at the right time of year!

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