Posted by: RAPV | January 26, 2012

December 2011 SF sales down 3.2% in Valley

Pioneer Valley – Single family home sales slipped 3.2% in Dec, from 341 in Dec 2010 to 330 last month.  The median price was $167,750, down 10.3% from $187,000 one year earlier.  For a breakdown by county, and inventory, supply, days on market, and listings under agreement, read more at … Dec 2011 SF Sales Report

Statewide – MAR reports Dec sales were essentially flat; down 0.4% from 3,373 to 3,361, while the median price dropped 4.0% from $283,300 in Dec 2010 to $271,900 last month.  2012 MAR Pres Trisha McCarthy, broker at Keller Williams Realty in Newburyport said, “We believe that the unusual snow storm in October, 2011, which caused property damage and left people without power for days, dampened what likely would have been stronger Dec figures.  On the other hand, the milder winter, coupled with low interest rates and reasonable home prices, should improve the outlook.”



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