Posted by: RAPV | September 2, 2011

NAR ‘Home Ownership Matters’ bus tour in Spfld

NAR 'Home Ownership Matters' bus

The weather was perfect for the August 31 NAR ‘Home Ownership Matter’s bus stop in Springfield.  The well-attended event featured remarks from Spfld Mayor Dominic Sarno, RAPV President Vincent Walsh, MAR Immedite Past-President Kevin Sears and MA State Senator, and REALTOR, James Welch, with a  few words from a recent first-time home buyer who bought his house through the “Buy Springfield Now” program.  Coverage included local print and TV as well as NAR Magazine and Real Estate Today radio.  Media coverage, with comments by Vinny and Kevin, focused on the need to extend the Nat’l Flood Insurance program set to expire Sept 30 if not extended by the U.S. Senate.   Read all about it on MASS LIVE:

MAR Imm Past Pres Kevin Sears, Pres Vinny Walsh, Presi-Elect Corinne Fitzgerald, Karen, King, Director and Brian Sears, Treasurer.


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