Posted by: RAPV | April 25, 2011

President’s Message from Vinny Walsh

A Message from RAPV President Vinny Walsh from 4/11/2011 REALTOR® Update:
You may have noticed new television and radio ads from the National Association of Realtors® regarding home ownership. This is part of this year’s Public Image Campaign from NAR. The national, state and local associations are joining forces to get the message out: “HOME OWNERSHIP MATTERS !”. We have a responsibility to remind consumers how important the American Dream of Home Ownership is to our family, community and economy.

I encourage you to go to  and browse the resources NAR has provided to promote this message in your own community.

NAR President Ron Phipps recently wrote an article for Realtor® Magazine on this topic. He noted the important impact on the national economy:” Our industry is also critical to the national economic recovery. Every home sale and commercial real estate transaction generates direct economic activity and jobs. And most of the work triggered by real estate transactions stays in the United States.”

NAR launched a Home Ownership Matters bus tour around the country to promote the benefits of homeownership everywhere. Never underestimate the major role Realtors® play and will continue to play in this recovery. Be proud to be part of the American Dream and the Realtor® Association of Pioneer Valley.


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