Posted by: RAPV | March 17, 2011

Spring Sales Rally 2011

Are you ready to make a change?

Whether you have 25 years of experience under your belt as a real estate professional or have just embarked on your new found career the statement is no less true that the industry has definitely changed. The only question now is how have you adjusted to this change? Come hear from one of the nation’s top real estate educators, Jared James, as he walks you through the process of what it means to become relevant in today’s marketplace and benefit from a true “Professional Makeover”.

You will learn:

  • What practices you are currently following that are wasting your time and, more importantly, what current trends are worth implementing
  • How to create a synergy between what used to work and what currently works to create more transactions this year than you have in any other year of your career
  • Where are the leads in today’s market and what does it take to win them over
  • What does a day in the life of a 2011 Top Producer look like
  • How to take control over your business and stop hoping for referrals

And Much Much More!!!  Be one of the first 50 registrants for a chance to win a free lunch with Jared James!  Click here


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