Posted by: RAPV | February 12, 2011

NAR New England Regional Conference 2011

This year’s New England REALTORS® Conference took place in Portland, ME, February 8-9 and it was a huge success!  Vinny Walsh, President, Corinne Fitzgerald, President-Elect, Patrick Nolan, Director, Susan Renfrew, Kevin Sears and Lynda Fagan all accompanied Ben Scranton, RAPV Executive Vice President to the conference.  Ron Phipps, NAR President, Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist and Laurie Janik, NAR Chief Counsel each made  a presentation.   Ron said the drive for GSE reform (Freddie and Fannie) is a priority for NAR.  Full privatization however is not the answer.  Some government oversight is needed.  NAR will continue to campaign for the protection of the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID), he stressed.  The importance of the 2011 NAR public relations initiative, Homeownership Matters was a topic addressed by Laurence Yun.  The impact of homeownership on the American economy is huge.  Each transaction infuses approximately $60,000 into a local economy and touches 83 professionals on average; from REALTORS, lenders, attorneys and inspectors, to movers, furniture suppliers and lawn care providers.  One million jobs were added in 2010 with 2 million possible in 2011, he said.  He sees a slight improvement in sales for 2011 and 2012 with value holding its own.  All in all, “the market most likely will not get worse, it will most likely get better,”  he added.  For more go to

RAPV President Vinny Walsh (left) with NAR President Ron Phipps.


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