Posted by: RAPV | September 16, 2010

NAR is Counting on You – report short sales woes

NAR is counting on you to let them know specifically what’s going on in the short sales market.

NAR Collecting Short Sale Info
NAR has created an online mailbox,, for you to provide specific examples of the problems you are facing with lenders in getting short sales processed. These e-mails will be collected and used by NAR in its discussions with lenders and the U.S. Treasury Department. Since the mailbox is for data collection, you shouldn’t expect a response to your submission. For more info contact Jeff Lischer, 202/383-1117.



  1. My first experience with a short sale was when we went to view the short sale property. After viewing the pictures and list price with my client, we schedule a showing. When we got to the property, we found the kitchen had been totally destroyed, appliances gone, cabinets gone, counter tops gone, sink gone, kitchen island gone. Only could wonder what else would be GONE by the time the closing happened. Especially since I know a “short sale” closing time frame isn’t “short” at all!

    • Cathy, thank you for your comment. We encourage you to forward your story to the – this is just the kind of feedback they’re looking for!


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