Posted by: RAPV | May 20, 2010

Rural Housing Fund: NAR Acts Quickly

As some of you may know, USDA earlier this week announced the Rural Housing program has run out of funding.  NAR jumped right on this.  See the message below from Chris Gosselin, NAR Political Rep for our state.  See the letter from NAR President Vicki Cox Golder to Senator Dodd, Chair of Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

TO: State & Local GADs

We have heard a lot of questions about the status of the USDA Rural Housing program over the course of the past week. As many of you know, USDA announced earlier this week that it has run out of funding.

The House has passed a bill that would restore funding and the Senate has passed the bill out of committee. Right now it is being lumped in with the emergency supplemental bill which has also passed the House but is still being debated in the Senate. The USDA provision is, as far as we can tell, uncontroversial so we expect that the House will quickly approve the senate’s version including Rural Housing once it gets out of the Senate.

At this point the message to the senate is to push Senate leadership to get this to the floor sooner. We are working offices from this end but really it’s up to the Senate leadership to prioritize this along with everything else they are trying to get done before Memorial Day recess. We expect that the votes will be there once it gets to the floor.

We have received word from the leadership that they will finish this before they leave for recess, but we would obviously prefer that they get this done sooner rather than later to get the program back on its feet.

NAR sent a letter to the Chair and Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee, Approps Ag Subcommittee, Financial Services Committee and Senate leadership urging them to consider the legislation as soon as possible to restore funding to this vital program. I have attached the version of the letter sent to Senator Dodd for your reference.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Chris Gosselin
Political Representative
National Association of Realtors®
500 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC  20001
(202) 383-7516

They are working as quickly as they can to get the funding back in the USDA program.


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