Posted by: RAPV | February 23, 2010

RAPV’s International Committee

International Committee Chairman, Karen Wallace has a message for our membership:

“I would like to welcome all RAPV  members to join the International Committee, we would appreciate your input & suggestions as to how we can help you with your business. 

The biggest misconception with the title “International RE” is that we have to be travelling or selling properties in foreign countries.  As much as many of us would probably enjoy selling some beach front in Mexico at this time of year, with our temperatures plummeting, it is  not always that glamorous.

The “need to know” about International  is that there is a difference in dealing with foreign born people or foreign cultures, many of whom do not do business or think exactly like we do.  Knowing where they are coming from [both physically and mentally] can help us to help them better, leading to better business for us both today and in the future, many cultures believe in building strong relationships in business… and one sale could lead to many.

Join us in achieving our important goal of creating a more internationally-aware group of REALTORS® in Pioneer Valley.”

To join, call or e-mail Mary-Leah – 413-785-1328,


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