Posted by: RAPV | January 26, 2010

How To Pull An MLS PIN Market Report

Do you like providing your clients and customers with statistics on their local market?  Would you like to get more specific and be able to provide your buyers and sellers with town by town statistics? Here’s how you pull your own market report from MLS PIN.

1. Go to and enter your Username and Password in the appropriate spaces at the top of the page.

2. In the “Quick Links” box on the right side of the web page, click “Market Reports”

3. Click “Click here to make new  report”

4. This should link you through to the “search options” page
a. In the “Report Type”  drop down menu, choose “Total Market Sold Statistics”
b. Choose your property type (i.e. single family, condos, MF, etc.)
c. Choose the time frame from those in the pre-populated drop down menu, or create your own time frame.
d. In the “Search by Field” select either Town or Coverage Area
*note: we do not suggest using “board” to search.  If you want the entire RAPV jurisdiction, choose all three counties.
e. Choose your town or coverage area from the menu and add it by    clicking the right arrow

Add value to your service with these specfic market reports.

Have any questions? Call the office at 413-785-1328 and ask for Mary-Leah, Communications Coordinator.


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