Posted by: RAPV | January 21, 2010

Message from 2010 President, Kathy M. Witalisz

Welcome to the beginning of a new decade, I am honored to be your 2010 REALTOR® Association of Pioneer Valley president. I’ve served the Association in almost every leadership capacity throughout my 36 years as a real estate professional – I believe in this organization and I believe in our values.  Always remember the pride there is in being a REALTOR®, in living up to the Code of Ethics and challenging ourselves each day to serve the public in a better way.

Our National Association of REALTORS® president, Vicki L. Cox Golder, has chosen the theme “On the Rise” for her 2010 presidency. I’d like to consider this theme for a moment, what does it mean? To me, this means that we, as REALTORS®, will be a vital component in the coming economic recovery, we will achieve successes we’ve never seen before and we will improve ourselves more than anyone could have imagined.

How do we do this? You belong to an Association unlike any other, an Association that truly cares about your success, your knowledge and your professionalism. Use your membership to improve yourself, count on RAPV staff to help you get to the next level, invest in your future as a REALTOR®. Like anything else, your membership to RAPV is only as valuable as the effort you put into it; network, participate in community service,  join a committee, advance your skill level with professional development opportunities – be a part of something bigger than yourself, it will lift you up to new heights.

Join me on this journey, make the commitment to discover your strengths and values as a REALTOR® in 2010, count on your fellow REALTORS® to help you get there.



  1. Kathy,

    What an inspiring Presidential message. With this vision and forethought, we are destined to have a great year. Good luck!

    Kevin Sears
    Proud RAPV member

  2. Looking forward to your success…our success… this year as we do our part to help the recovery.

    Expect the Best!

    Don Thompson

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