As part of the “Get Realtor” advertising campaign, NAR has partnered with Sports Illustrated to create a short video with professional golf coach Sean Foley, who has worked with some of the top professional golfers in the world.  In this video, Sean Foley shares his inside philosophy on how having an expert by your side can help you in every facet of life, including when it comes to buying and selling a home.


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Fed rate hike anticipated

Placid Percentage – The August jobs report showed just 151,000 net new jobs, slowing hourly earnings growth of 0.1%, the loss of 6,000 construction jobs, and a slight reduction in the average hours worked per week. This has reduced the probability of a Fed rate rise of 25 basis points (0.25%) at the September meeting to 0.20%.  But, with the economy continuing to slowly improve, the data-dependent Fed will, barring a disaster, raise rates in December.

Elliot Eisenberg, PhD.
Graphs and Laughs, LLC
Cell: 202.306.2731

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Wire Fraud Notice Template

Wire Fraud Notice Template
There is a template of a notice you can add to your email signature regarding ways to avoid email wire fraud.  The template is available on

MAR successfully advocated against mandatory home energy audits and labeling.  Legislators removed this language before releasing an updated version of the bill on July 31.

MA Realtors will continue to promote Mass Save and work on ways to encourage all homeowners to make energy efficient investments in their home.

Thank you to the 189 RAPV members who responded to the Call for Action and others who emailed and made personal calls to state legislators.

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Fed considers interest rate hike

Yesterday’s Fed statement suggesting that “near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished” that “job gains were strong” and “household spending has been growing strongly” indicates a Fed that’s again taking steps to prepare the market for a rate rise, probably in December.  But, if July and August employment and inflation numbers are strong, a September rate rise is certainly possible.  Listen for more clues during Fed Chairman Janet Yellen’s talk on 8/26/16.

Source: Elliot F. Eisenberg, PhD, GraphsandLaughs, LLC
Cell: 202.306.2731

Easthampton, Holyoke, East Longmeadow and Westfield make the list of the “hottest” Massachusetts towns and cities for real estate sales in 2015.  This according to Lammacchia Realty Real Estate Corp. which collects data from The Warren Group.  Read more here.

In a Feb. 4 release News Corp CEO Robert Thomson showered praise on the “rapid growth” of  “The company is, by most measures, the world’s largest player in digital real estate, a position certainly enhanced by the rapid growth in the U.S. of”, Thomson said.  According to News Corp,’s average monthly unique users on web and mobile sites for the quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2015 grew 37% year-over-year to approximately 39 million.  News Corp said that the growth was driven by 57% growth in mobile users. announced 34% growth in traffic in January.   News Corp acquired Move Inc., which operates for NAR in November 2014.   Read more here.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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November 2015 real estate sales up 1.1 percent

Sales in the Pioneer Valley (68 communities in W. MA)

  • single-family  sales rose 1.1% compared to the same time last year
  • median price rose 2.6% from $190,000 in Nov 2014 to $195,000 in Nov 2015

Separate reports are available for Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire counties.  County reports vary.

View the entire report which includes inventory, supply at current rate of sale, days on market and pending sales.  A condo report is included.

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Smart Homes to be Commonplace by 2025

A survey commissioned by Intel Corporation and conducted by TNS reveals we are headed for a smart home explosion.  Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (68 percent) are confident smart homes will be as commonplace as smartphones within 10 years.  Read more here >

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials number 83.1M – more than one quarter of the nation’s population.  Millennials are a powerful buying force and their preferences will greatly impact the economy and shape of the residential real estate market. They are the most racially diverse and educated generation.  The infographic in this article shows various characteristics of millennials and what they value in the homebuying and selling experience.   It also highlights their untapped demand for homeownership, which brings great opportunities in real estate for those who are positioned to serve them.

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Share “Why It Pays to List Your Home in Winter”

A study by online brokerage Redfin found that average sellers net more above asking price during December, January, February and March than they do from June through November, even in cold weather regions.  And homes listed in winter sold faster than those posted in spring.  Share the article found here with sellers reluctant to list now.

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Stop Congress from Taking Money from Future Homeowners

NAR’s G-Fee Call for Action has been extended until Nov. 20.  If you and those in your office have responded, thank you.  You are among the 148 RAPV members who have acted. If not, please do so and encourage your colleagues to take action and urge federal lawmakers to oppose the proposed use for transportation projects of guarantee fees (g-fees) charged by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. G-fees add to the cost of obtaining a mortgage, and NAR is against using them for purposes not related to housing.  Between now and Nov. 20, the U.S. House of Representatives will be working on a long-term transportation bill that could contain extended G-Fees.  By keeping the Call for Action open REALTORS® will have an opportunity to take action while the final bill is crafted.  Act now at Call for Action and encourage others to do the same..

NAR’s recent Housing Pulse Survey shows a vast majority of Americans believe that buying a home is a solid financial decision.  The survey measures consumers’ attitudes and concerns about housing issues.  68 percent believe that now is a good time to buy.

To view the key findings and learn more, visit Housing Pulse Survey.

September single family real estate sales rose 19 percent in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.   The median price rose 4.1 percent from $191,750 last year at this time to $199,700 this year.

To view a 6-page detailed report, visit September Sales.  The report includes single family and condo sales, inventory, days on market, and pending sales for the Pioneer Valley and separate reports for Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire counties.

View the 5-year history of sales in the Pioneer Valley.

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7 Safety Tips for Halloween

Is your seller’s front entryway ready for Halloween?  Is yours?  Play it safe.  Keep everything fun and accident-free.  Share these seven safety tips.

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Oct is Nat’l Cyber Security Awareness Month

President Obama designated October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Governor Charlie Baker made a similar proclamation. Cyber Security Awareness Month is designed to engage and educate public and private sector partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cybersecurity and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident.  More information on cyber safety can be found here:

What you can do to protect yourself from the latest Wire Scam targeting real estate transactions:

  • Secure your computer systems and email accounts and encourage your clients to do the same
  • Prior to making any transfers, parties should confirm all emailing wiring instructions directly with the escrow officer via telephone
  • If any party in the transaction has received suspicious or questionable wiring instructions, all parties should be notified immediately
  • Carefully review your E&O Policy to see if your policy covers cybercrime
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Home Buying and Technology

Home Buying and Technology – In the video, NAR staff talk about how home buyers use technology when preparing to buy a home.  The findings come from a new report called Real Estate in a Digital Age.

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NAR Voice for Real Estate: Sign Law Stopped

In a win for real estate, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a local sign restriction in Arizona that could have set a troubling precedent for open house and other temporary signs. Learn about it in NAR’s latest news video, The Voice for Real Estate for the week of September 7. Other stories: Access a list of 1,300 companies and individuals cleared to operate drones commercially, including for taking aerial real estate photos and videos. And, despite recent volatility in the stock market, home sales are on track for a strong year.

The Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley reported today that single-family home sales in July were up 30.8 percent compared to the same time last year.  The median price rose 3.8 percent from $199,750 last year at this time to $207,250 this year.  County reports vary.  View the full report.

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