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Home Buying and Technology

Home Buying and Technology – In the video, NAR staff talk about how home buyers use technology when preparing to buy a home.  The findings come from a new report called Real Estate in a Digital Age.

Posted by: RAPV | September 13, 2015

NAR Voice for Real Estate: Sign Law Stopped

In a win for real estate, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a local sign restriction in Arizona that could have set a troubling precedent for open house and other temporary signs. Learn about it in NAR’s latest news video, The Voice for Real Estate for the week of September 7. Other stories: Access a list of 1,300 companies and individuals cleared to operate drones commercially, including for taking aerial real estate photos and videos. And, despite recent volatility in the stock market, home sales are on track for a strong year.

The Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley reported today that single-family home sales in July were up 30.8 percent compared to the same time last year.  The median price rose 3.8 percent from $199,750 last year at this time to $207,250 this year.  County reports vary.  View the full report.

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Getting Started Using Home Selling Ad Words

Some ad words carry more weight than others.  Home buyers are enticed by certain words that sell.  Avoid negative ad words and be aware of state and federal fair housing laws.

Visit Ad Words for Selling.


It is intermission.  We have seen the first act of 2015 and many are enjoying the show.  Sales have come up every month this year.  The median price has been up 3 out of the past 6 months.  In June, closed single family sales increased 4.9 percent.  The median price was down 1.5 percent to $201,000.  Individual counties vary.  Read the full report.

Many homeowners and homebuyers are not aware of the true value a Realtor® provides during the course of a real estate transaction.  The list here on the home page of the RAPV website is just a baseline of services.  Many Realtors® routinely provide a wide variety of additional services that are as varied as the nature of each transaction.  Know and share your value.

Learn about the Oct. 3 changes to the closing forms and procedures in an hour-long webcast with closing expert Phil Schulman and NAR Senior Counsel Finley Maxson.   The webcast, The New Closing Rules, aired live last week and is available on YouTube. 

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How to Embrace (And Not Fear) Technology

Do you hesitate before implementing new tools in your business? These simple steps will help you learn to stop worrying and love the tech.  It’s no secret that technology is essential for real estate professionals today.

Have you taken action yet?  Help stop patent trolls.  Trolls buy vague patents and use them to turn everyday business practices into potential lawsuits.  Respond to the NAR Call for Action and help stop these frivolous lawsuits from hitting you and your company.

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Realtor® Safety

Here is a list of articles and tips about Realtor® Safety conveniently organized by category such as: Personal and Professional Safety, Cyber Safety, Safety for Rural Real Estate, Safety Tips to Share with Clients, and more.

Posted by: RAPV | July 9, 2015

Working with Difficult Customers

Find out how to deal with difficult customers, when and how to “fire” a customer, tips on managing stress, and much more.

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Don’t Ignore Boomers study shows

Baby Boomers have fueled the housing market for decades and they aren’t slowing down.  This from a new study by research firm HouseCanary.  Baby Boomers have the buying power.  Read the full article.

The May 2015 housing release issued today by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors shows May single-family home sales down 5.2% over last year.  The May single-family median price was down 1.5% at $341,000.

By comparison, May sales in the Pioneer Valley rose 16.2% compared to May 2014.  The median price was down 2.2% to $200,470.

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Interest Rates Expected to Rise

At a June 17th news conference Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, was clear about three things.

  1. Rates will start rising later this year.  Both Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist and Eliot Eisenberg, the BowTie Economist, have stated the rise will likely occur in mid-September,
  2. Rates will rise by 1 percentage point every 12 months for the next three years, which is unusually slow, just half as fast as in past rate-rising cycles, and
  3. Sustained GDP growth above 2.5 percent/year is not expected soon.

A snow-choked winter has given way to a strong spring for home sales in the Pioneer Valley.  Sales of single family homes rose 16.2 percent in May.  There were 438 homes sold in May, up from 377 homes sold in May 2014.  The median price was down 2.2 percent from $205,000 to $200,470.

The full news release includes separate reports for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.  The numbers by county will vary.  View the full report.

We are happy to report that the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced the Bureau will be implementing a good-faith enforcement grace period when the new Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (TRID) regulation goes into effect on August 1.  This does not delay implementation.  A good-faith ‘open-ended’ grace period does delay enforcement.

The CFPB announced that it would be “sensitive” to companies that make a good-faith effort to comply with the new TRID regulation.  This is a welcome development.

The announcement by CFPB is a net win but less than what some Members of Congress requested, which was a hard deadline five-month testing or “grace” period.  NAR has been leading the effort to ensure an effective implementation of the TRID regulation.  They will continue to have a dialog with Congress and the CFPB as we move toward August 1.  It was through RAPV members efforts, and those of thousands of Realtors® from across the country during the Realtor® Legislative Mtgs & Trade Expo a few weeks ago in D.C. that more than 275 U.S. Senators and Representatives signed onto a letter to CFPB Director Richard Cordray to ask for the clarification that was issued yesterday..

Read this helpful article.

For more information on this topic visit NAR’s RESPA page.

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) released their April sales report yesterday.  MAR President Corinne Fitzgerald comments on inventory levels. 

Statewide single family (SF) sales down 5.9 percent
Statewide median price up 2.3 percent to $326,500
Inventory of SF homes down 19.2 percent

Compared to the Pioneer Valley (RAPV)
RAPV sales up 5.8 percent
Median price up 0.4 percent to $185,750
Inventory of SF homes down 8.5 percent

Read Corinne’s comments and view the full MAR report here.

REach is NAR’s growth technology accelerator program.  Part of NAR’s Second Century Ventures, REach 2015 introduces truly phenomenal organizations that are innovating both within and beyond the real estate space.

Take a look at the entrpreneurial spirit and energy that this class embodies.  2015 REach products and services.

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April single family sales climb 5.8%

Sales of single family properties in the Pioneer Valley rose 5.8 percent in April compared to the same time last year.  This marks the fifth consecutive month of rising sales.  The median price rose 0.4 percent to $185,750. County reports will vary.

Full report.

For a 5 year history of sales in the Pioneer Valley, visit the web site of the REALTOR Association of Pioneer Valley.

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